Library Storage Solutions

We provide wide range of book racks, Library book return bin, Map holder, sliding book rack, Drawer type book rack, Book stand, and an elegant magazine holder in this range. We provide customised Library design and implementation.

Our range of Library storage solutions

library book racks

Library Book racks

The best model for Library book storage.
Mild steel construction.
Maintenance free.
Ideal for school and college library.

library rack

Magagine Wall Rack

Aesthetically cute design.
Multiple Magazine Holder
Back issues storage facility.

magagine holder rack

Magagine Holder

Aesthetically elegant design.
Single Magazine Holder
Back issues storage facility.

magagine trolly

Book Trolly

New generation designer trolley.
Steel body with powder coating.
Ideal for movement of books.
Available in different colours.
Sturdy wheels.
Also useful for clinic , hospitals and offices.

study library table

Study Table & Chair

Wooden Body
Water resistant lamination.
Ideal for library.








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